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design and development firm

Revolutionary Ideas Solve Important Problems.

Our mission is to design, develop and deliver a better world by investing in passionate people and innovative ideas.

We create products and solutions that help people and companies, to revolutionize the status quo and change the world.



Front-end: what you look like

User experience: how people interact with you

Branding: how people feel about you


Back-end: your foundation

Database: your information

Code: your structure


Website : so you don’t have to

Information : so you can use your data

Proprietary software : so your life gets easier

Why you should care

Our Method

Listen: We listen to clients to learn their business.

Test: We build solutions and test assumptions.

Iterate: We gather feedback and improve.

What Makes us Different

Local: We are a Los Angeles based development team.

Expertise: We have experienced, skilled professionals in business development, operations management and execution.

Writing Code: We are true full stack developers.

Our Bread and Butter

Organize: Constructing scalable, intuitive, content management systems (CMS).

Custom: Replacing clunky, disorganized, scattered systems with a custom solution.

Streamline: Building personalized web-portals that streamline and organize information.


Here's what we've been working on.

Our team

Jack Newcombe

CEO & Co-Founder

Brandon Telle

CTO & Co-Founder

Dominique Star


Bradley Knapp

Finance & Accounting

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