New & Co.
Custom software design and development firm

Treat today like tomorrow.

Our mission is to make the world more accessible and enjoyable through technology.

We build software products and solutions for companies and consumers.



Front-end: what you look like

User experience: how people interact with you

Branding: how people feel about you


Back-end: your foundation

Database: your information

Code: your structure


Website : so you don’t have to

Information : so you can use your data

Proprietary software : so your life gets easier

Why you should care

Our Method

Listen: We listen to clients to learn their business.

Test: We build solutions and test assumptions.

Iterate: We gather feedback and improve.

What Makes us Different

Local: We are a Los Angeles based development team.

Expertise: We have experienced, skilled professionals in business development, operations management and execution.

Writing Code: We are true full stack developers.

Our Bread and Butter

Organize: Constructing scalable, intuitive, content management systems (CMS).

Custom: Replacing clunky, disorganized, scattered systems with a custom solution.

Streamline: Building personalized web-portals that streamline and organize information.


Here's what we've been working on.

Our team

Jack Newcombe

CEO & Co-Founder

Brandon Telle

CTO & Co-Founder

Dominique Star


Anica Wong


Bradley Knapp

Finance & Accounting

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